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Promoting a World Where Vipers and People Thrive

Photo by Scott Trageser

We work towards a better understanding and protection of vipers. By bringing together an international community of snake biologists and experts, we aim to create a united strong voice for viper conservation instead of individual initiatives.


Increasing knowledge
about vipers

Conserving Species and Increasing Scientific Knowledge

The IUCN Viper Specialist Group (VSG) works at enhancing conservation action, education and awareness. Scientific research and public outreach are two of our priorities to ensure conservation strategies work for wildlife and people.

Promoting International

From the Americas to Asia, VSG connects together specialists around the world. Our goal is to increase communication among scientists and create a global network of viper conservation specialists able to share their knowledge easily.

ASSESSING VIPER species status

One important mission of the Viper Specialist Group is to conduct status assessments for vipers to be included in the IUCN Red List. Our  responsibility is to facilitate assessments for all the world’s vipers. In addition to this work, we have also created the first global analysis of conservation priorities for vipers which defines diversity hotspots and identifies individual priority species.

Learning HOw to live with Vipers

Vipers are fascinating animals with important ecological roles that are unfortunately too often demonized. However, some viper species do represent important human health issues. Learning about them can help understand their intrinsic value and  their right to live in nature, and at the same time lessen the risk of snakebite.


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