New cover article on conservation planning for the endangered Greek Meadow Viper

In the May 2021 issue of the Oryx – the International Journal of Conservation, a team of VSG researchers published an analysis to identify priority habitat for the endangered Greek Meadow Viper (Vipera graeca). The article, which included a cover image of the viper, predicted that future habitat alteration and climate change will have severe impacts on the already threatened viper. Specifically, their models predicted that 90% of current habitat will be unsuitable in 60 years. Greek meadow vipers are cold-adapted and are already restricted to mountain habitats that will continue to warm in future decades. However, because the researchers identified the few areas that will remain suitable, they have provided the most important areas to protect habitat and increase local awareness to allow this species to exist. The full article is accessible to anyone to download – check it out here!

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